Stay Connected With Your Child

We know it’s difficult to separate from your child when they leave for school. Whether they are going to preschool or college; regardless if it’s the beginning of the year or the end; it is always going to be one of those parenting challenges.

children leave school

That’s why we have always provided services such as daily reports on your child’s activities and progress, live video feeds of your child’s classrooms, and it’s why we work in small groups with your child to discover their daily schedule and personal needs.

At Childventures, we are always looking for ways to make it easier for you, which is why we have entered in to a brand new partnership with HiMama! HiMama is a digital sharing platform used to record and share children’s activities. Every moment your child experiences is important – from silly and fun moments to developmental milestones and behavior. Activities are logged in a child’s own personal journal so you’ll never forget your favourite stories and never lose your most memorable photos. You can share activities with your close family and friends or keep the activities private – it’s up to you!

online daily reports

This tablet based solution will make it easier for parents, teachers, and children to stay on the same page of their development and learning progress. It will also help you, as a parent, feel more at ease about leaving your child in our care.

You can read more about our partnership with HiMama here.

Using technology to stay connected with your child has never been easier. It’s just another reason to choose Childventures!

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