Size Matters When It Comes to Classroom Sizes!

We all know children learn best when they receive the proper attention they need to succeed. A struggling child can excel if given the proper attention and care. It is no surprise then, that smaller classroom sizes create better learning environments for children.

A recent study at the University of Notre Dame in Australia suggests that smaller classroom sizes lead to more student-focused learning, which is the main reason for academic improvement in these students. When students in smaller classrooms are outperforming their peers in larger classrooms academically, the choice for parents becomes clear.

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What happens when a classroom size gets smaller? According to Huffington Post article Size matters when it comes to classroom numbers, the following happens in smaller classrooms:

Meaningful Communication

Teachers and students are able to communicate on a much more effective level, allowing for a student’s needs to be addressed more thoroughly and potential problem areas to be discovered more quickly.


Both struggling and excelling students need individual attention. Smaller classrooms open up the potential to focus one-to-one with students and with parents in order to maximize the child’s fullest potential.

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Diversification in Teaching Strategies

When a teacher has a more personalized relationship with students, it becomes easier for that teacher to adjust their teaching style to suit the students they are working with.

Increased Group Work

Smaller class sizes mean children feel more comfortable with one another and having them learn together becomes easier to co-ordinate. Group work becomes an active way to get children to engage with one another.

We couldn’t agree more with the points made above, which is why we have modelled our curriculum and facilities to accommodate for small classroom sizes. At Childventures, we recognize the importance of working in small groups, so that your children get the attention they deserve in order to truly take the lead in their own learning and education. To learn more about our curriculum and facilities book a tour today!


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