Preparing Your Child For The Cold Weather

cold weather

We can all feel the chill in the air, which means only one thing: winter is coming. As adults we know this means to pull out our heavy knits, hats, and boots to properly welcome in the next season. Our children require the same level of preparation, if not more, to keep them happy and healthy through the cold winter months.

Preparing for the cold weather means you won’t be caught off guard the day of the first snowfall, with your hats and gloves buried in the back of a closet somewhere. To help you get organized and ahead of the weather, we have prepared a handy list of how to prepare your child for the coming cold front.

Preparing your child for the cold weather:

  • Get Your Winter Gear – This is perhaps one of the most obvious things to check off your list. Pull out those winter boots, hats, scarves, mittens, and snow pants!
  • Bundle Up – Layering up is just as important as getting your winter gear on. Make sure your child’s hands, neck and head are all covered. Keep this tip in mind: infants and young children should be wearing one more layer than an adult would wear.
  • Clothing Hazards, Beware! – While layering your child up, be aware that string from hats, hoods, and even scarves can get tangled and be a hazard for small children. Use a circle scarf or turtleneck instead of a longer, wrapped scarf.
  • Be Weather Aware – Check the weather forecast everyday, especially before you set out on any adventures where you will be outside for long periods of time. Adjust your child’s layers or your activities accordingly to falling snow, freezing rain, or exceptionally cold weather.
  • Wear Sunscreen – Even in the winter it is still possible to get sunburnt! Make sure any exposed skin on your child, especially the face, has sunscreen on.
  • Stay Dry and Warm – During outdoor activities, make sure you are checking in on your child to make sure they are not wet from the snow and slush, and are still staying warm.
  • Warm Your Home – Before it gets too cold out, make sure the heating system in your house is up to par to last the season. When the nights start to get cold, be sure your child’s room is warm enough, and they have an extra blanket handy so they don’t have a chill in the night.
  • Check In With Your Childcare – Make sure to ask your childcare facility what steps they take in the winter to protect your child against the cold weather, and if there is any way you can help. For example, clear labels on all your child’s winter gear will help your child’s educators identify their clothing before heading out. Also be sure to inform your childcare facility of any special or specific needs your child may require for the colder weather.

Winter can be filled with just as much fun as any other season, if you properly prepare for it. Be sure to check off everything possible before the cold weather hits, so you can sit back and enjoy the season!


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