Mommy & Me Yoga: 5 Surprising Benefits Of Getting Your Child Zen

Any parent can lose their temper when their child misbehaves, usually followed by some yelling and punishing. But these practises are not necessarily effective when it comes to parenting. It can be hard to place boundaries for your children, unless you teach them by example.

Benefits Of Doing Yoga With Your Child

Yoga has many benefits for both adults and children. Some of the ways that your children can benefit from yoga include:

  1. They learn calming techniquesChildren typically deal with anger and frustration by throwing tantrums. Yoga teaches proper and healthy breathing techniques so you can focus your mind. Children can learn to control their emotions and react appropriately to different situations.
  2. They learn self-awarenessYoga involves a myriad of poses through which your child can learn more about their bodies and their capabilities. Beyond the physical limits, children also discover the power of their minds and how they can affect their attitudes, approaches to life, and the attitudes of other people, as well.
  3. Improved focusWith so many distractions in the world, from technology to peer influence, it can be hard for children to focus on important things for long enough. Yoga teaches one to be concentrate on the present – their breathing. This exercise can help them focus on different things at different points in their life.
  4. Encourages healthy habitsExercise programs that are introduced in early childhood help the children to maintain a physically active and healthy lifestyle. Yoga goes a step further as it instill discipline in every area – taking care of yourself by exercising, eating healthy foods, focusing your mind, and staying calm in difficult situations.
  5. NamasteYoga emphasises acceptance and tolerance of other people. Children who do yoga learn early in life that all human beings should be respected and cherished as they are. With such an understanding, it is easier to create a peaceful coexistence with people of all cultures.

Growing up, children are pushed to be the best at different things, which fosters competitiveness. While this is important for self improvement, yoga teaches children that their bodies are unique, and that they respond differently to a range of things, all of which are okay. With yoga, no one is better or worse than the other; it is just a matter of exploring your body, learning some things about yourself in a non-competitive environment, and learning to accept and cherish yourself as you are. With yoga, you can expect your child to develop physically, mentally, and spiritually. Through our Virtues Project, we help children further this development, allowing them to grow. Contact us to learn more.

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