Learning With Play-Doh!

We celebrated National Play-Doh Day earlier this week on September 18th. Play-Doh is a great toy that helps children learn in numerous ways! Let’s take a look at the ways children can learn with play-doh!

Fine motor development

While moulding the world with play-doh, children are building muscles in their small hands and learning fine motor skills. These are the same skills that will teach them to hold a pencil when they begin developing literacy skills.

Imagination and Creativity

child building with play-dough

Children’s imaginations can flourish and grow while they are making something that is their own. They realize that when they have play dough in their hands, the possibilities are endless!


Let your children help you when making a homemade play-doh recipe! Learning how to make your own recipe is an exercise in science as they learn how ingredients react together. You are also teaching them math skills by letting them measure out ingredients. Finally, learning to cook play-doh is an early step in learning how to cook!

Social Interaction

Children playing with play-dough

Playing with play-doh with a group of friends allows children to collaborate on a project together. It lets them work as a part of a team and appreciate one another’s creations.

Relieves Anxiety

Just like a stress ball can relieve tension that an adult feels, kneading and squeezing play-doh can do the same for children!

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