Incorporating Technology In An Educational Environment


In recent years, the developments in technology have changed and grown in substantial ways. The prevalence of and way people are able to use technology to better their lives, including the use of websites, mobile apps, and advancing devices, is only increasing, and will continue to increase. As such, it is important to align advances in education to incorporate technology at the same speed.

Incorporating technology into an educational environment is a great way to introduce technology to young children in a safe and positive manner. If children are engaged with technology under the supervision of educators and parents, they will quickly become accustomed to not only the technology itself, but also the appropriate and productive uses for the technology available to them. Cultivating a positive and productive outlook on technology, specifically in an educational capacity, will help young children to understand the growing importance of the advances occurring around them.

Technology in Education

According to a poll of teachers, 96% of teachers think education technology increases student engagement in learning, and 86% of teachers think it’s important or absolutely essential to use education technology in the classroom. While the continued use of technology becomes increasingly important further into a child’s education after their early learning years, through the use of digital curriculum etc, it is valuable to teach children early on that technology can be used in an educational capacity, not just for play.

Educational programs can benefit from the incorporation of technology, as it also contributes to a child’s natural curiosity. While at first very rudimentary, perhaps exploring what a computer or other device is and some of the things it is capable of doing, your child can enjoy exploring the possibilities of keyboards, touch screens, and creating a connection between what they are doing and what is happening in a computer or device. Further, there are even educational websites specifically made for children to learn, explore, and safely navigate the use of technology.

With the early introduction of technology in an educational capacity, children will be able to differentiate the appropriate time and uses of technology, both at school and at home.

Incorporating Technology at Childventures

At Childventures, our facilities foster children’s natural curiosity and encourage a lifetime love of learning. Among our specialty rooms, such as art, drama, and music, we have a computer room to incorporate technology in your child’s early learning. During this time, children can learn and explore with the use of technology, under the supervision of our qualified educators. Through their natural curiosity, children are free to choose their own learning experiences, and advance their development with the use of technology, as they feel ready and able to.

We have also incorporated technology within the facilities of each of our four locations in the application of security and monitoring. For security, we use technology in the form of biometric hand / fingerprint scanners. With these scanners, only approved adults can enter the building at any time. With this security feature, you can be sure that your child is only exposed to approved educators and Childventures staff during their program day.

Additionally, all four of our locations have webcam access for parents. The implementation of webcams in classrooms and remote access for parents allows you to login to a secure, password-protected webcam stream, which lets you watch your child’s learning in real time. Especially during their first year in an early learning academy in infancy, we can understand it can be difficult as parents to be separated from your child, and in the care of someone else. We find the Childventures parents appreciate the use of our webcam program, as it gives them peace of mind regarding the growth and learning of their child at any time during the day when they are not physically with them.

Technology in education is still an initiative that is developing with every passing year. We understand the importance of creating an environment where your child is constantly growing, learning, and encouraged to experience new sights and sounds every day during their time with Childventures. As your child progresses through their learning beyond the Childventures programs, they will already be able to understand the application of technology in an educational capacity, and will be able to engage in technology in a positive and productive way.

If you would like to learn more about how we incorporate technology into our educational environment, please contact us to book a tour of any of our four facility locations.

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