How to Stimulate Your Child’s Natural Curiosity

stimulating your child's curiousity

Your child is a little explorer, setting on their path to discover everything about their world. It’s fascinating to see their excitement and joy at things at every new sight, sound, or object they just happen to stumble across. How do you nourish this curiosity and keep them asking the important questions – like, “why does this thing work?”

So how do you encourage this curiosity to follow them throughout their lives?

Read Books 

Reading is one of the easiest ways to explore the vast expanses of lands unknown without ever leaving the room. They introduce new situations to children and also give the opportunity to ask, “What if?

A great way to foster curiosity in your child is to ask them questions about a book you’re reading together. Sometimes it helps to ask an unexpected question if your child’s comprehension skills are strong. Ask your child what would happen if a new character were introduced or throw a plot twist into a classic story you’ve read many times before.

Try New Things

We all know children thrive on routine, but sometimes it helps to mix it up. Show your child that there’s more than one way to do things. Novelty is a jumping off point for conversations with your child about how the world works! Choose an unexpected dish for breakfast! Did you know that in Japan, it is customary to eat fish and miso soup for breakfast? Having conversations like this with your child keeps them curious about the world!

Go To Camp

Sending your child to camp allows them to experience new things in a safe environment! They become little explorers out on an adventure with their peers and are able to discover new things around them while building friendships. Meeting new friends also allows children to see how different people live. Social skills come with curiosity.

Childventures offers 9 weeks of summer camp! Choose one week or the whole summer to keep your child engaged, learning and most of all – curious!

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