Healthy Holiday Treats

The holidays are just around the corner. Perhaps your celebrations have already started, which means ‘tis the season for presents, laughter, and those tasty holiday treats. From the delicious desserts to the seasonal favourites that only come once a year, it is easy to get caught up in the holiday fun and completely forgo those healthy habits you are so diligent about all year. If it is a bit too easy for your willpower to slip away into sugary delights, just think how many snacks your children will be indulging in this season!

The problem with those delicious holiday treats is that, during this time of the year, they are everywhere! From grocery store trips to play dates to family gatherings, everywhere you look these temptations are right at hand, all laid out for you on a silver platter. Literally! While there is nothing wrong with treating yourself, it’s important to try to stay on track with a healthy and nutritious diet throughout the holiday season, especially for your children!

To balance out these delectable bites, why not prepare some of these healthy holiday treats to serve up at your festive party, or even have them on hand for your children as a fun, seasonal snack:

Egg Snowmen

egg snowmen

These Egg Snowmen couldn’t be easier, or tastier! Made from just a few ingredients, including hard-boiled eggs, carrots, peppercorn, and parsley, this is a great way to fill out your appetizer offerings, or get your children to have fun eating eggs!

Reindeer Sandwiches

reindeer sandwiches

A great take on the classic peanut butter & jelly sandwich, these Reindeer Sandwiches only require a few quick additions and changes to give your children the perfect seasonal snack. Just grab a heart shaped cookie cutter, a few chocolate chips, and some pretzels, and your sandwiches will be reindeer just like that. Don’t forget the red M&M for the nose!

Grinch Party Poppers


You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch! Green grapes, bananas slices, and strawberries make for the perfect combination for these Grinch Party Poppers. A bit of melted chocolate makes for a perfect Grinchy grin, your children and party guests alike will love these little guys!

Frozen Yogurt Christmas Trees

yogurt trees

These chilly treats are so simple, you can even get your children to help you make them! Using just vanilla yogurt, lime Jell-O, some assorted sprinkles, and a tree shaped muffin tin, your Frozen Yogurt Christmas Trees will be fun, festive, and best of all, healthy!

Candy Cane Layered Jell-O Cups

jello cups

Who doesn’t love Jell-O? These 5 Layered Candy Cane Jell-O Cups are a great dessert for family dinner, or as a sweet snack for your children after school. Alternate between red Jell-O and layers of a gelatin/condensed milk mix for that candy cane look, and top with a dollop of your favourite whipped cream for the perfect festive touch.

Do you have a favourite healthy treat you prepare for the holiday season? Share with us in the comment below!

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