Healthy Habits Include Fitness

healthy habits

So your child is eating well and getting their nutrients? Great! What’s next for building a healthy lifestyle for them?


Healthy living is also active living. Encourage your child to play and master physical development.

How do you do this?

At Home

Start by getting them comfortable for physical activity. Dress them in loose-fitting clothing. You should also wear comfortable clothing for physical activity. Infants can be barefoot to develop their sense of touch. For older children, choose a non-slip shoe.

For younger children, try using a favourite toy to relax your child, draw their attention to a movement, or initiate a new game or activity.

You are a role model for your child, so when you take time to be physically active together, whether this is by stretching, throwing a ball to one another, or playing an active game, be committed! Show your child that you value physical activity by not multi-tasking during it.

Encourage your child to try new things, explore new games, or even make up their own! Some children may be more hesitant than others, take it slow and always be encouraging. While cheering on your child, you should also note when they are tired or ready to stop. Do not force them to do things when they are tired – they may grow to dislike the activity or they can even hurt themselves.

Listen to find out what types of activities they prefer over others and encourage similar ones – not all children will love to play group sports – some may prefer calmer activities like yoga. Encourage them to stay active in their own way! Don’t compare their activities to others, as everyone has their own strengths. Focus on these strengths for your child.


Most importantly – have fun!


At Childventures


We believe it’s important to teach children the importance of staying active and encouraging them to live an active lifestyle from an early age. We offer outdoor physical activity for 2 hours every day. When we experience inclement weather, we have alternate activities planned in our gymnasium to keep children active.


Physical activity can also help children maintain a healthy state of mind. We offer yoga to keep children stress-free!


Physical activity is an important part of your child’s development, which is why it’s an important part of our curriculum! Learn more about how we encourage healthy living for your children by reading more about our programs.

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