Healthy Eating at Childventures


Good nutrition is vital to a child’s learning and physical development. At Childventures, we know the critical role we play in your child’s nutrition and the shaping of their eating habits. Our nutrition policy and menus are created to enhance the critical relationship between nutrition, health, and learning.

Research has shown that children develop their preferences for foods primarily before and during their preschool years. Once formed, these same eating habits and preferences tend to stay with them into adulthood.

By ensuring that a wide variety of nutritionally balanced, high quality foods are prepared each day, we strive to provide the nutrients vital to your child’s learning, immune system, and physical development.
With this in mind, we recently made a change to our menu reducing the amount of sugar offered during the lunch meals. Reducing the foods with added sugar will allow more opportunities for your child to eat higher nutrient foods, creating a stronger immune system and the ability to concentrate.

We continue to provide a wide range and variety of food throughout the day. Our focus is to allow children to experience many different tastes and textures provided by high quality meals that include fruits, vegetables, legumes, lean meats, and whole grains. While limiting the foods containing processed sugar, we have increased lunch size servings and added more variety to our afternoon snacks. As always, additional snacking options are provided throughout the day.

Growth, brain development, concentration and a healthy immune system are all strongly linked to good nutrition. Our goal is to provide balanced, nutritionally rich foods that will optimally support your child’s health, growth and development.

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