Top Halloween Costumes For 2015

One of the best parts of Halloween is dressing up your little ones in costumes. The look of excitement children get when they are dressed up as one of their favourite characters is like nothing else. They will likely want to wear their costume long before, and even long after their festive parties or Trick or Treating trips.

Your child may already have a costume in mind, but you may also be at a crossroads regarding what to dress up your young one as this year. To help point you in the right direction, or even inspire your own creativity, here are a few of the top Halloween costumes sure to be seen everywhere this Halloween.

The Cast of Frozen

The love for Frozen hasn’t quite melted away yet, for children and adults alike. You can expect to once again see the fun loving cast from this musical once again this year. It’s quite possible that your child may have even dressed up as a character from Frozen last year; but the great part is, there are many characters to choose from! The three main characters we think will be seen in numbers are Elsa, Anna and, of course, Olaf! You can even get super creative and go for our favourite, the Rock Trolls.



Let’s face it, everyone loves the Minions! The little guys from Despicable Me even got their own feature film this year, and they seem to be popping up just about everywhere you turn. Halloween should be no exception this year, so prepare yourself! The great part about this super easy costume, is that it is easy to find or make, and is suitable for children of all ages. Plus, how cute will your child look as a little yellow Minion!


Sophia the First

Introduced in the movie Sophia the First: Once Upon a Princess, the TV show Sophia the First and the title character quickly gained popularity over the past few years it has been on the air. This Halloween, your child can become a princess for a day as they dress up as Princess Sophia. With the fun purple dress and royal accessories, we can see many of these tiny princesses popping up at parties this year.


Peppa Pig

If your child can’t wait to follow along with the adventure of Peppa Pig and friends, this just may be the costume for you this year! A fun group costume would be for your child and their friends to all dress up as different characters from Peppa Pig, such as Suzy Sheep and Rebecca Rabbit! What a fun little group that would make.


Captain Jake

Jake and the Neverland Pirates is definitely one of our favourite fall shows returning this year. Now in its fourth season, we have followed Jake and his merry band of pirates on countless adventures, and have even watched him become Captain Jake! Your child will have a ball dressing up as Captain Jake, complete with his captain’s hat!


Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony

The most colourful pony by far, Rainbow Dash is a clear favourite of many children. This costume includes a rainbow tutu, arm warmers, and even a rainbow mane attached to the blue ear headband. While you could have fun with a DIY project on this costume, there are sure to be so many available for sale, why not buy it a week early and let your little Rainbow Dash enjoy it just a bit longer.

rainbow dash

Rapunzel from Tangled

While your child may not have the hair for it, they can still dress up as their favourite Princess this Halloween with a simple Tangled costume! A pretty purple dress will be perfect to suit this princess costume. You can even go the extra mile and get a long blonde wig to complete the Rapunzel look. This costume is so fun, we are sure there will be more than one long-haired princess showing up at your door during Trick or Treating!


Do you already have your child’s costume picked out for this year? Let us know what you will be dressing up your child as in the comments below!

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