The Best Family Movies for Summer 2015

family movies

Spend some quality time with your children this summer with a relaxing night at the movies. There are a variety of family movies coming to the big screen this summer that the whole family are sure to enjoy! Take a look.

Inside Out

Inside Out is an animated movie about Riley, a young girl whose family makes the move from the Midwestern United States to San Francisco. This movie takes us inside Riley’s head – literally – so we can understand her emotions.

Premiering June 19th, we cannot wait to see what lessons about mindfulness, self-regulation and stress we learn. With Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, Bill Hader and Phyllis Smith starring in this flick, we will be sure to get a big laugh while learning too!

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The original story of Despicable Me’s Minions takes us through history and myths to see how the Minions came to be Gru’s minions. Not only will we have the opportunity to witness a funny take on historical events, we learn that without a purpose – serving their master – the minions become restless and depressed.

This movie teaches us about teamwork, supporting one another and finding one’s purpose. We cannot wait to hear the voices of Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm and Michael Keaton again in this prequel. Luckily, we only have to wait until July 10th.

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Underdogs is the story of a reluctant hero who tries to save his town with the help of the players from his foosball table who have come to life. This movie encourages virtues like loyalty, friendship and love.

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The Peanuts Movie

This movie will not premiere until November, but we’re just too excited about it to not to include it on our list! This is the first feature film based on the Peanuts characters in 35 years and will commemorate the 65th anniversary of the Peanuts comics.

In the movie, Snoopy faces his nemesis and Charlie Brown embarks on a journey of perseverance. Charlie Brown and the gang teach us virtues like patience, thankfulness, cooperation, unity and integrity with the many lessons they will share in this movie!

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What family movies are you excited for this summer? Share with us in the comments below!


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