Everything You Need To Know About Core Knowledge

core knowledge

Childventures is proud to provide a unique learning experience for your child, including a unique curriculum model. Blended from three complementary teaching models, Childventures combines elements from each method of learning to create a well-balanced educational program that facilitates early learning, and brain development in your child.

The blended curriculum is comprised of the Montessori Method, the High Scope Model, and the Core Knowledge Model. Each teaching model contributes to a specific style of learning, and only works to strengthen the curriculum. Let’s take a closer look at how the Core Knowledge Model contributes to the blended curriculum at Childventures.

The Core Knowledge Model

Used with children in the Preschool, Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten programs, Core Knowledge emphasizes language development, creativity, group work, sharing, and a sense of personal responsibility. Within the activities associated with this model, children are encouraged to use their imaginations, and choose the materials and experiences they would like to use in their learning.

A few of the main focuses of Core Knowledge include movement and coordination, autonomy and social skills, orientation in space, scientific reasoning, music, and art. Language development and literacy in particular are taught though nursery rhymes, poems, fairy tales, and stories. Creativity is fostered through music, art, movement and drama. Practicing these experiences through activities help to reinforce what children have learned, adding to their knowledge in a cumulative manner.

Benefits of Core Knowledge at Childventures

Children who learn in part through the Core Knowledge model are creative, motivated, and literate people who enjoy working, learning, and playing with others. The skills achieved through this model will be useful to children for the rest of their lives.

With the model of the blended curriculum as a guide, the educators at Childventures take on the role of the facilitator of the child’s education, allowing children to take the lead in their own learning, while supporting your child as they come to learn and understand the world at their own pace and with their own strengths in mind.

To learn more about the integration of the Core Knowledge Model in the blended curriculum at Childventures, please contact us to arrange a tour at any one of our four campuses.

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