How the Childventures Facilities Bring You to A Whole New World


Childventures Early Learning Academy was created around the idea that learning is an adventure; one that can be nurtured, and where children can genuinely have fun while learning. The environment, and more specifically the facilities, is designed to encourage the learning and development of your child. Each element of the facility works towards creating an interesting, interactive, and safe environment for children to learn in, where a sense of exploration and a positive attitude towards learning are encouraged.

The Childventures environment fosters imagination and creativity, utilizing a child’s natural curiosity to propel their learning and development unlike any other. Our spaces were built with your children in mind, and we do everything we can to make each Childventures location feel like a home away from home.

Let’s take a look at how the Childventures facilities bring you to a whole new world:


The classrooms are where your child will spend most of their time during their days at Childventures. As such, we have put care into the details of each classroom, to cultivate a warm, creative, and stimulating environment your child will come to be familiar with. The Childventures classrooms are typically larger than standard industry class size, featuring lots of windows. The extra space, coupled with the amount of natural light from the windows, offers a bright space to inspire your child all day.

Indoor and Outdoor Playgrounds

Playgrounds are an essential part of a child’s day at Childventures, both to further explore their development through movement and coordination, as well as to infuse their day with some physical activity and play. Each Childventures facility is equipped with indoor play areas that exceed all safety standards, as well as two outdoor playgrounds: one suited for infant and toddler play, and one for the preschool and kindergarten children.

Separate Sleep Rooms

While we cater to the needs of the children during their play and learning time, we also place an emphasis on when they need to slow down. Childventures features separate sleep rooms, where children are separated into age-appropriate rooms to allow everyone to get the rest they need based on their age group in a relaxing and quiet environment. For example, infants have different needs for rest than the children in the toddler, preschool, and kindergarten programs.

Specialty Rooms

In addition to the classrooms, playgrounds, and separate sleep rooms featured at Childventures, there are also a number of specific specialty spaces and rooms that further fuel children’s natural curiosity, and allow them to fully immerse themselves in their own creative interests. The specialty rooms created to promote your child’s creativity and learning include the following activities and subjects: music, art, drama, computer / library, and a gym.


Childventures also believes that healthy bodies lead to healthy minds, and a nutritious, balanced meal plan will further support learning, development, and overall health. The child-friendly menu at Childventures is served in a sit-down family meal setting, and is prepared by the in-house chef.


As much as the goal at Childventures is to promote a stimulating environment to promote child development and learning, we also want to make sure the children, and you the parents, feel comfortable knowing your children are in good care during their time with us. To ensure your child’s environment is as safe as it is inspiring, there are a number of safety features in place. With biometric hand and fingerprint scanners, only approved adults can enter the building at any time. Parents may also monitor their child’s daily progress at any time with a secure, password-protected webcam, where you can watch learning in real time!


Our facilities should feel like a home away from home for your child. Just as you care for your home for your family, our professional cleaning staff makes sure the Childventures facilities are clean environments for children to learn in. Working daily to ensure all areas and rooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, the housekeeping staff at Childventures maintain the high standards of safety we pride ourselves on. Additionally, the thorough and daily cleaning works to minimize illness throughout the school year.

Your Child’s Learning Adventure at Childventures

The Childventures facilities provide a healthy, safe environment to meet the emotional, social, intellectual, and physical needs of all children. To learn more about any of the four Childventures facility locations, please contact us to book a tour, and be a part of the Childventures experience.


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