Childventures’ Before and After School Programs


Simply put, raising a family is hard work. Combining working full time with raising a family can be a tough balance for any parent. Between meetings, play dates, and appointments for you and your children, it can really seem like you don’t have time to even get from one arrangement to the next. Your main priority will always be your children, but what happens when you are really pressed and need just a bit more time to get some errands done, or get to work early? Something’s got to give.

As the old adage goes, it takes a village. In addition to our regular programming for children, ages infant to SK, Childventures is proud to offer before and after school programs. These programs lend a helping hand to truly allow parents to do it all.

If you have been thinking about extended care for your child outside of regular day programs, a Childventures before and after school program may be a good fit for you and your family’s needs. Let’s take a closer look at how these programs work to benefit you.

Before and After School Programs

A main focus at the Childventures day programs is to support the growth, development, and learning of your child in a safe, warm and friendly environment. The before and after school programs at Childventures match the same care and encouragement that children enrolled in our day programs experience. It is extremely important to us that the experiences children have at Childventures are always consistent with our high standards of learning and care.

What’s also an advantage to Childventures before and after school programs, is that they are offered both to children enrolled in the regular Childventures day program, and well as those who are not. This could be a great opportunity for your child to meet and play with other children outside of their regular day program group.

To help further facilitate your busy schedule, the Childventures before and after school programs are offered at all four of our campus locations, including: Burlington, Ancaster, Vaughan, and Richmond Hill. Those few extra hours may be all you need to get everything you set out to do in your day, completed.

The Programs At A Glance

Quite like our day programs, the before and after school programs provide children with opportunities for exercise, games, connecting with friends, and expressing themselves through arts and crafts. The Childventures facilities allow us to keep your child stimulated and entertained at the beginning or the end of a long day, and the program is suited for children up to 12 years of age.

Beginning at 7am and running until the start of school, breakfast is served for the early birds in the before school programs. For the after school programs, which run from directly after school until 6pm, an afternoon snack is provided. Additionally, transportation, as well as both part time and full time schedules are available.

About Childventures

At Childventures, we promote a unique approach to learning, using a blended curriculum of three world-class complementary teaching models, to give your child the advantage they deserve. Since 2002, the Childventures before and after school programs have applied this blended approach to learning, to help enhance and stimulate the minds of children.

Every single member of the Childventures staff team is dedicated to ensuring that your child is always learning, staying engaged, having fun, and feeling safe throughout the day, including during the before and after school programs. We are all committed and truly care about the success of all the students, and collectively work hard to prepare each child for their future in learning and development.

If you have been exploring the idea of extending your child’s care into a before or after school program, Childventures is the place to do it. We are happy to welcome your child with open arms and be a continued part of their adventures in learning. Contact us to learn more about our before and after school programs, and book a tour of our facilities.

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