Childventures: Creating A Sense of Self

At Childventures, we take a comprehensive approach to your child’s education and personal development. This means incorporating a variety of teaching methods to ensure your child is receiving the best of each method. One of our three main teaching methods, which places a huge emphasis on sense of self, is the High Scope method. Here’s what you need to know!


In understanding the High Scope method and how it instills a sense of self in toddlers, there is a simple way of breaking it down. The high scope method takes toddlers from the, “I can do it” phase to the “I can do it myself” phase. The method progressively teaches children to construct a healthy and distinct image of themselves as capable and independent beings. The development of a sense of self in the High Scope method falls into the following categories:

  • Social Relations
  • Creative Representation
  • Movement
  • Communication and Language
  • Exploration and Early Logic


From the High Scope method’s official website, they define this phase of development as the following:

From birth, infants and toddlers demonstrate preferences, make choices, and assert themselves as decision makers. The more independent they become, the more able they are to face the next developmental task. Caregivers may encourage infants and toddlers to take initiative by offering them choices, such as what to eat, what to play with, or whether or not to participate in a group activity. In addition, caregivers encourage the development of initiative by supporting the choices children make on their own and convey through their actions.


To learn more about Childventure’s curriculum and our interpretation of High Scope and the development of a child’s sense of self, click here.


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