Celebrating Earth Day 2015

child with globe

Earth Day falls on April 22 and it is a great day to bring awareness to environmental activism and teach children how to better care for our planet.

There are plenty of ways we can all be better stewards for our planet. One easy way to teach children is through some creative recycling. Instead of throwing away boxes, aluminum pie plates, Styrofoam, plastic containers, egg cartons, milk cartons, or other jars think about some creative uses for them.

If there are items that you cannot use for a creative project, recycle them! Teach children what items are recyclable and what items are not.

Weather permitting; Earth Day is also a great day to practice gardening! Planting a tree, a garden, or some vegetables is a fun way to get children outdoors and get them active too! It also helps teach them important lessons like where their food comes from.

Even a trip to the park is a great way to celebrate our planet! Spend some time with nature instead of behind a screen – it’s a great way to connect with your family and with the planet.

What is Childventures Doing For Earth Day? 

learning about plants

At Childventures, we like to teach children how to care for the Earth. We do this by participating in activities such as gardening and planting seeds outside. The Montessori curriculum also learns how to sort items that can be recycled. We can also reuse items that are going to be thrown out by making art – using jar bottles and paper plates to create crafts teaches children that there is often more than one use for an item.

Reading is also a great way to expose children to ideas about leading an environmentally conscious life. Some books we read at Childventures include Compost Stew by Mary McKenna Siddals, Curious George Plants a Tree by Margret and H.A. Rey, Earth Day Every Day by Lisa Bullard.

How are you and your family celebrating Earth Day? Share with us in the comments below!

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