A Day In The Life: A Preschooler’s Day At Childventures


When it comes to your child’s education, you want to be able to give them only the very best experience possible. During their preschool education, you want to make sure they are experiencing both right and left-brain activities, promoting their areas of strength, as well as addressing any learning or development areas that need more focus.

The Preschool Program at Childventures offers a blended curriculum, and sets a solid foundation for future development and learning. The exposure to new areas of interest, a variety of educators, and interaction with other children of the same age will only further encourage your child to grow and learn in a safe, comfortable environment.

Let’s take a look into what’s involved in a day in the life of a preschooler at Childventures.


During gathering, children say goodbye to their parents, and hello to their educators! Parents and educators come together to share their collective knowledge about children between the home and school setting; making the transition from one environment into the other go smoothly for everyone.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is a daily time designed for children to pursue active physical play, with the support and supervision of attentive educators. Children have the opportunity to explore the playground area, and engage in vigorous and noisy play! During this time, children can talk, move, explore, play together, and become familiar with their natural surroundings.


Mealtime at Childventures is another opportunity to explore. Children are exposed to food from a variety of cultural backgrounds, all prepared by our qualified, in-house chef and overseen by our nutritionist. Lunch is facilitated in a family-style, and acts as a social interlude based around eating, and enjoying food with one another.

Sleep Times

Naptime provides the rest and sleep necessary for children’s growth and development in a calm, quiet environment. Since each age group has different sleep and rest needs, all Childventures children are separated into age-appropriate rooms. The children who wake up earlier than the rest, or are non-sleepers, have the opportunity to look at books, or play quietly with some chosen play activities.


The routines taught and carried out during self-care promote cleanliness, a priority in all Childventures locations, physical comfort, health, and emotional well being. This time facilitates hand and face washing, brushing teeth, and toileting.


As with gathering, departing is an opportunity for parents and educators to come together to exchange information about each child’s day. Educators discuss a children’s actions, communication, and progress to the parents at the end of each day.


The Preschool Curriculum at Childventures is based on a blend of the Core Knowledge model, and the Montessori method. This blended curriculum, incorporating the best preschool practices used around the world, is specifically designed to provide children with a strong foundation of the knowledge and skills they will need to progress through their education.

The Core Knowledge model focuses on integrating the teaching of conceptual knowledge and skills in a step-by-step manner. This program emphasizes language development, creativity, group work, sharing, and a sense of personal responsibility. With Core Knowledge, children learn literacy through nursery rhymes, poems, fairy tales, and stories. Movement, coordination and music are introduced, and children are encouraged to use their imagination and choose the materials and experiences they would like to use in their learning.

The Montessori method is based on a child’s developmental need for freedom within limits, and their natural curiosity to learn. Using an environment that exposes them to different materials and experiences, children learn from everything they see, feel, and listen to. Similar to the Core Knowledge model, the Montessori method allows children to make their own choices, and follow through on their own learning. When children complete goals, it creates a sense of personal accomplishment, and the confidence created only encourages children to continue fostering their own learning, within the controlled and supervised environment.

The Preschool Program at Childventures

The facilities, educators, and curriculum all work together to create a safe, warm, and encouraging environment for children to learn and grow with each passing day. At Childventures, we know how crucial the early years are for the development of children. It is important to have your child experience education in such a way that is suited to the way they learn at each specific age.

If you would like to learn more about the Childventures Preschool Program, please contact us today to book a tour, and make a commitment to give your child the best educational experience possible.

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