8 Fun Children’s Halloween Costumes For 2016

Halloween is one of those times when you can create great memories for your children by allowing them to dress up whatever way they want, rather than simply modifying an old sheet for the classic ghost image.

What To Wear For Halloween 2016 – Children’s Edition

There are many different characters to choose from depending on the likes and interests of your child, from superheroes to charming TV and movie personalities to real or mythical creatures.

However, one of the biggest factors that determine whether or not your child will love his/her costume is the trend. Every year, there are some very popular children’s costumes that typically revolve around top TV shows and movies.

Nevertheless, conventional Halloween-themed costumes such as monsters and witches will never go out of style. As well, classic storybook characters, animal costumes, and heroes are other favourites.

In other words, provided you get a costume that is adorable, comfy, and gets you both excited about it, then that’s a great Halloween costume.

Here are some fun Halloween costumes to consider this year:

  1. Infant penguin

    Infant Penguin

  3. Infant lobster

    Infant Lobster

  5. Child riding an elephant

     Child Riding An Elephant

  7. Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein

  9. Harry Potter and Fluffy

    Harry Potter And Fluffy

  11. Audrey Hepburn from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

    Audrey Hepburn From “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”

  13. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman

  15. Marshall Paw Patrol

    Marshall Paw Patrol

These fun costumes should help keep your children entertained during Halloween. In addition, you can get your child excited about this Halloween by:

  • Allowing him/her to take part in designing and making the costume: Children are more likely to wear an outfit that they helped choose, create, or customise.
  • Letting him/her be a fan: If your family or community is big on sports, it is likely that your child would like to share in the fun. So, a simple costume comprising of a sports jersey and hat could be enough to get your child excited.
  • Dress alike: If your child is not particularly interested in the costume you got him or her, perhaps wearing a similar outfit will make it more fun, as you can both enjoy the costume.

Lastly, the Halloween costume you pick for your child must be comfy. Many outfits tend to be uncomfortable, limiting your child’s movement and making him/her want to take it off. So focus on finding something warm and nice enough that they can run around in all day.

These fun costumes should help keep your children psyched and entertained during Halloween.

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