5 Holiday Destinations That Are Great For Toddlers

Looking for fun and safe places to visit with your little one? There are many entertaining places for families with children under the age of five to relax and create wonderful memories. Here are some great holiday destinations for young families:

5 Countries With Family-Friendly Activities For Toddlers

  1. Rome

    The people of Rome love babies, but children of all ages, including teens will have an equally wonderful time here. The city is a popular destination for its ancient history, but what will make your visit truly memorable are the lazy afternoon cuisines in piazzas.

  2. France

    France is just as popular a tourist destination as Italy. There are countless camping grounds with breathtaking views for those looking for some fresh air. As with other camping grounds across Europe, you can take advantage of the children’s clubs divided into different age categories that allow patients some alone time for some peace and quiet.

    Just outside the capital, you can visit Disneyland Paris, which offers plenty of attractions, including Adventureland, Frontierland, and Main Street USA. Your little ones should enjoy the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and other famous rides.

  3. The U.S.A.

    There is an abundance of family activities to do in the U.S.A. When travelling during the winter season, consider skiing and snowboarding, but find a resort or travel operator that offers childcare. The children can play in the creche or brave the slopes under supervision.

    Generally, the resorts in North America are considered some of the best in the world for children, with a nice range of child-sized ski and snowboard equipment available for rent, as well as fenced-off areas specifically dedicated for young learners.

    You can also visit Florida any time of the year. Disneyland is every child’s fantasy destination. While it is constantly crowded and the prices are rather high, it is a primary family destination with good reason. Disney resort hotels have convenient children’s clubs that take children above the age of four years. Nearby hotels also offer toddler play areas, child suites, and other services catering to children. There are numerous restaurants with play areas and children’s menus, plus you can enjoy Florida’s imposing coastline and beautiful beaches.

  4. Scilly Isles

    The Scilly Isles provide a child-friendly environment characterized by short travel distances that don’t require motorized transport, narrow streets, brightly coloured passenger boats, and houses of Hugh Town. The town boasts clean seas and beaches and great health care, so you can let your toddlers play with peace of mind.

  5. The Mediterranean

    Beach holidays in the Mediterranean are truly memorable, with most operators accepting children in their supervised children’s clubs that are divided by age.

While all these are great destinations for families with toddlers, you should find out the best time of the year to travel to maximize your enjoyment.

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