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Enhanced health
& safety practices

Enhanced health
& safety practices

Your child’s health is our priority

The continued health and safety of our children and team remain a top priority for each of our early learning campuses. We recognize we are entrusted with your little one’s safety as much as their academic development.

At CV, we have checks and balances in place to minimize any Covid impacts on families. We continue to follow and exceed all guidelines put forth by Public Health and the Ministry of Education. As we fall under the childcare category, our mandated health protocols are much stringent than school boards. We take pride in our ability to effectively provide stimulating learning environments while exceeding government health and safety regulations.

Daily Screening

All parents, children and team members must screen for symptoms of COVID-19 on a daily basis using the most current questionnaire approved by Public Health before they enter any of our campuses. Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms must stay at home.

Protective Masks

All parents, visitors and CV team members, including volunteers and students on educational placement, must wear medical-grade masks (surgical, procedural) or non-fit-tested N95 masks in our campuses. Our team follows proper masking to protect themselves and our children.

Hand Hygiene

Each of our daily routines include many opportunities for proper hand hygiene. This is represented as a practical life activity, where children develop their independence and sense of self as they learn to identify when and where they should wash their hands without prompting.

Hepa Filters

Each CV classroom is equipped with a state-of-the-art HEPA filter that reduces 97% of airborne contaminants, including particles containing viruses and/or allergens. Air filtration is a useful tool in reducing the transmission of COVID-19.

Contact Tracing

Should the need for contact tracing arise, we are able to identify and track interactions amongst team members and children through our daily usage of the HiMama app.

Enhanced Cleaning

Public Health’s cleaning protocols for childcare are far more stringent than public schools. Our enhanced cleaning regime includes cleaning and disinfecting our classrooms, toys and equipment on a frequent basis to minimize the spread of germs.

Biometric Hand Scanners

Our academies are safe and secure environments. All locations are equipped with biometric hand scanners for entry into the building. Each parent or caregiver will have a unique profile based on biometric authentication.

Video Monitoring

Our campuses are monitored with closed circuit television systems (CCTV) with cameras in each classroom. Lobbies are equipped with monitors showing what’s going on in the centre in real time. We also utilize an app that provides parents with unlimited camera access.

CPR & First Aid Training

All CV team members are certified in standard first aid training including infant and child CPR. This training is renewed every three years to ensure the most current procedures and best practices are part of our safety protocols.