Sweet Valentine’s Day Treats to Share


Valentine’s Day is the sweetest day of the year! It’s the perfect time to spread love, happiness and most importantly – treats! Here are a few yummy concoctions to cook up and share!

sweet valentine

Chocolate Teddy Bear Pretzel Pops

These are so cute, and surely as delicious. These teddies are great to make in bulk, and are ideal for sharing amongst the classroom. The best part, is that they require very few ingredients. All you need to make these teddies are: pretzel rods, milk chocolate, modeling chocolate, and candy eyes from your local craft store! Voila! Adorable teddy bear pretzel pops! Find the recipe here.


Hot Cocoa Sticks with Marshmallows

Nothing warms you up from the inside out quite like hot cocoa! Bring all your favourite elements of this delicious drink into snack form with this terrific recipe. A delightful treat sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth! Find the recipe here.


Penguin Valentine’s Day Candies

These little guys truly set our heart a flutter. Using a base of sweet and cool peppermint patties, and topped with colourful sprinkles, these candies are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Don’t let the intricacy fool you, they’re incredibly easy to make. Find the recipe here and see for yourself!


Chocolate Covered Strawberries

If you’re looking to integrate a nutritious aspect into your sweets, look no further. With only 3 ingredients, these are the perfect option if you’re pressed for time and need to whip up a Valentine’s Day treat. To try this out for yourself, see how to make them here!


Vegan Blondie Cakes

For a healthy take on Valentine’s Day, try out these vegan blondies. All your favourite aspects of this classic treat just got a lot healthier! If you’re trying to bring a nutritious treat to share with your child’s class, this may just be it. See the recipe for yourself here!


Do you have a favourite Valentine’s Day treat you just can’t wait to make? Share it with us in the comments below!

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