Our Favourite Camp Activities

camp puppets

With March Break just around the corner and summer break on the back of your mind, we thought it was a great time to go over the importance of camp for your child. Camp can be a significant part of your child’s life. The lessons they learn and the friends they make can stay with your child for years to come.

We think camps are a great way for your child’s mind and body to stay active during the break. It’s also a great place to make lasting friendships and have lots of fun!

Here are some of our favourite camp activities:

Karaoke Day

This day is filled with arts, crafts, music and fun! Who doesn’t love karaoke? We spend the morning making microphones with the campers to use in the afternoon when they show off their singing skills!

Indoor Camping 

Campers get the full camping experience! Campers can arrive in their comfiest pyjamas. In the morning, we will set up tents and then in the afternoon we’ll do all the camp out activities! We’ll make S’mores to snack on, make homemade campfires, and tell campfire stories.

Applefun Puppetry

What’s more fun than performing in your own puppet show? Making the sock puppets for the puppet show! Campers will get to do both as well as getting to see a puppet performance earlier in the day, performed by Applefun Puppetry.

One Day I’ll Fly Away

This day is extra fun! Campers get a chance to design, decorate, and test their own paper airplanes and paper parachutes. Once they’ve made their creations, they take to the sky to see how smoothly they soar.

Are your children ready for some fun? We definitely are! Register for March Break Camp today!

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