7 Snack Ideas For Your Young Child

With your children joining or going back to toddler preschool, it is a good idea to start preparing for the things they’ll need, including some stationary, shoes, clothes, and snacks.

Healthy Snacks For Your Preschool Child

Some toddler preschools have a recommended snack, but this should not be an excuse to skip on snacks and meal/lunch planning. Rather than giving you child junk food, here are some healthy homemade snack alternatives:

  1. Smoothies
    Fruits and vegetables are healthy foods, and preparing a smoothie allows your child to get the nutrients in a fun and delicious way. Experiment with different combinations that may include fresh or frozen fruit and nonfat yogurt.
  2. Whole grain cereal
    A meal containing whole grain cereal, milk, and fruit is packed with protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium, and fibre, all of which are vital for a healthy and energetic start to the day. You can use different cereal flavours and fruits to make the meal more exciting for your child.
  3. Low-fat cheese
    Cheese is high in protein and is a delicious snack that will keep your child’s energy levels high until mealtime, with minimal snacking in between. There are different ways to serve the cheese, like making kabobs with cut cheese pieces and fruit or making ‘satellite snacks’ by sticking salt-free pretzels into cheese cubes. You can also mix cheese quesadillas with cooked chicken, chopped vegetables, corn, beans, shrimp, or anything else for a fun and nutritional snack.
  4. Low-fat yogurt
    Children need a lot of calcium to form strong and healthy bones and teeth, and yogurt is an excellent source. It is also high in protein and other essential nutrients, and can keep your child full until dinnertime. You can incorporate granola, berries, or some other fruit to enhance the taste and nutritional value.
  5. Fruits
    Fruits provide essential minerals and vitamins that boost your child’s immune system. When you are short on time, consider slicing an apple, adding a banana, or packing some berries – blueberries or strawberries.
  6. Healthy baked foods
    If your child has trouble eating fruits and vegetables without supervision, you can try serving them in the form of tasty muffins or breads. Great examples include zucchini muffins, banana bread, yam and jam muffins, and carrot bars.
  7. Kebab
    If you feel like your child has been eating a lot of sandwiches, consider preparing a kebab. It comprises the same ingredients as a sandwich. Simply slice and thread them in any order – bread, chicken, cherry tomatoes, pickle slices, and top it off with a kebab dip.

These child-friendly food items will not only make snack time fun for children, but also keep them healthy and energetic to enjoy preschool activities with their friends. For more about the nutritional approach at Childventures please check out our website: https://childventures.ca/.

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