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The Importance of Summer Camp

Spring hasn’t even started but we’re already dreaming about Summer! As all parents know, summer camp registration happens early and you have to be QUICK. For those of you that have children that are just getting to that age, we have written 7 reasons that you should consider enrolling your child in summer camp.

1. Keep them socialized

Enrolling your child in summer camp will ensure that they remain stimulated with children their own age. It can often be a stress on parents to plan dozens of play dates to make sure that their children are not isolated. Camp is a solution that offers constant socialization with only one stressful planning moment!

2. Keep them in the routine

Summer can often up-end your carefully constructed routine. If children are kept out of the routine of waking up at a certain time, it will be more challenging when school starts back up. Ensuring that they continue in the pattern of getting up and going somewhere will set them up for success when they head back to school in September. 

3. Food provided (at some camps) 

At some camps, they will provide food for the campers. This will ensure your child has a nutritious meal and take one thing off of your to-do list!

4. Trips and Activities

Many camps will have your children going on various outings to explore the community around them. These camps offer new experiences and take them out of the classroom and their regular routine.

5. Keeps them active 

Summer is the time to get outside and get moving. Many camps will offer just that! Art and music camps may be indoors,but you can mix them up by throwing in a sports or outdoor activity camp. Unspecified camps will almost always have a portion of the day outside or doing something active!

6. Learn something new / different 

Art, computer science, soccer, the options are endless! If your child has been showing interest in a specific activity or has the drive to try something completely out of the box, now is the time. Many camps will offer the perfect introduction to a variety of activities.

7. Relieve your stress

Knowing that your child is being taken care of everyday in a way that develops both their mind and body, will give parents the piece of mind they need to continue on their busy lives. 

There are endless benefits to enrolling your child in summer camp. So if this was your first year trying to get them in on time, then this may help you understand why! If this post has inspired you to register your child in summer camp, then you’re in luck! Childventures still have a few spaces available. Contact your desired location’s Enrolment Coordinator here, but be quick, spots are filling up fast!

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