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Making Family Resolutions
The upcoming New Year is a fantastic opportunity to identify good habits you want to begin, and to commit to keeping them up throughout the year. Though your children may not be quite as aware of the tradition of New Year’s resolutions, they can be a great way to come together and re-evaluate your family’s
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Why You Should Send Your Child To Winter Break Camp
December is a busy time for all families. Between festive parties, holiday shopping, vacation days, and preparing for the new year ahead; it can be a lot to handle. While you may have some time off during this hectic month (lucky you!), it’s also quite possible that you may be busier than ever! Balancing your
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Must-See Family Holiday Themed Movies
December is here, which means it’s officially time to begin the countdown to the Holidays! It’s the perfect time of year to cozy up on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn for a family movie night. While it can sometimes be hard to find movies both you and your children will enjoy, holiday-themed
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The Importance of Family Time
Upon becoming a parent, your focus inherently shifts to doing all the right things and making all the right decisions in order to raise a happy, well-developed child. Between making choices as small as what your child will wear each day, to as large as whom you will trust with your child’s health, growth, and
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Protecting Your Family Against Cold Season
Winter has arrived once again, which means cold season has arrived as well. During this time of year, it seems as though we all take turns feeling under the weather, which means the cycle of being sick can get passed around your work, your child’s daycare, and even your family. We all dread being sick.
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Development Milestones: Your Infant’s Motor Skills
In the first 12 months of your child’s life, development happens very quickly. Since everything is so new for your infant, you can expect them to be reaching new development milestones almost every month. A prominent milestone for infants, one that is sure to keep you on your toes for years to come, is the
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Preparing Your Child For The Cold Weather
We can all feel the chill in the air, which means only one thing: winter is coming. As adults we know this means to pull out our heavy knits, hats, and boots to properly welcome in the next season. Our children require the same level of preparation, if not more, to keep them happy and
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What To Pack For Summer Camp
The wait is over: it’s time for summer camp! Your child may be ready to run right out the door to join their friends for their day filled with creativity, fitness learning and exploration, but do you have everything ready for them? Packing for camp can be tough without a checklist of must-haves for your
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How to Keep Your Child Safe in the Sun
With the warmer weather and with the sun out, we’re spending more and more time outside. This means remembering to stay sun smart!   Use Sunscreen Remembering to apply sunscreen is the first step to proper sun protection, but which sunscreen is best? Look for an SPF of at least 30 that screens out both
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Wellness Wednesday! Blueberry Squares Recipe
Try our head chef‘s blueberry squares recipe for dessert tonight! Your children will love this delicious treat! Ingredients (base)                  Ingredients (filling) 1.5 cups flour                    3 cups blueberries 1.5 cups rolled oats                1/2 cup white sugar ¾ cups brown sugar                2
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