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Making Family Resolutions
The upcoming New Year is a fantastic opportunity to identify good habits you want to begin, and to commit to keeping them up throughout the year. Though your children may not be quite as aware of the tradition of New Year’s resolutions, they can be a great way to come together and re-evaluate your family’s
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Why You Should Send Your Child To Winter Break Camp
December is a busy time for all families. Between festive parties, holiday shopping, vacation days, and preparing for the new year ahead; it can be a lot to handle. While you may have some time off during this hectic month (lucky you!), it’s also quite possible that you may be busier than ever! Balancing your
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The Importance of Family Time
Upon becoming a parent, your focus inherently shifts to doing all the right things and making all the right decisions in order to raise a happy, well-developed child. Between making choices as small as what your child will wear each day, to as large as whom you will trust with your child’s health, growth, and
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The Rights of the Child: What Are Children’s Rights?
As a parent, we naturally want our children to have the best experiences and advantages available. The things we inherently focus on for our children include: the proper childcare for growth and development, a healthy nutrition program, and a well-balanced approach to cultivating social relationships with each other. While some children have access to every
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Childventures: Virtues in Education
Childhood education should be interesting, interactive, and encourage a sense of exploration. Above all, a child’s early education should cultivate a positive attitude towards learning that will last for life. A large part of cultivating a positive attitude about learning early on in our child’s life is integrating a set of strong values into education,
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8 Books Every Child Should Have on Their Bookshelf
Whether you love to read now, or rarely pick up a book, we can all remember a few books from our childhood that were our absolute favourites; ones that we would beg and plead to have read to us over and over again. Books are a fantastic way for your child to be engaged and
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A Day In The Life: A Preschooler’s Day At Childventures
When it comes to your child’s education, you want to be able to give them only the very best experience possible. During their preschool education, you want to make sure they are experiencing both right and left-brain activities, promoting their areas of strength, as well as addressing any learning or development areas that need more
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Building Essential Skills
Building essential skills is a necessary part of every child’s learning, growth and development. Beyond the practical educational subjects, Math, Music, Geography and Language, it is important for children to begin to create a catalogue of essential skills, which will encourage and eventually allow them to take the lead in their own learning. Built into
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The Best Type of Childcare for Your Family
When it comes to your family, you want nothing but the best. Your children are your whole world, and it is up to you to make the right choices to foster their learning and development. Choosing the right childcare option can have many contributing factors including location, program selection, and what best suits your family
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The Leader In Me – Trustworthiness
The Leader in Me – Trustworthiness Trust is an important virtue when it comes to building relationships. Being trustworthy is even more important when you are a leader. When your team can trust you and your actions, they will stand behind you and lead effectively. How Do You Become Trustworthy? Trust is something earned from
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