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Teaching Your Toddler Manners
Toddlerhood is an exciting time for your child! They’re gaining independence, experimenting with their vocabulary, and exploring the world around them. However, they might also be picking up bad habits. There’s no better time to start teaching your child proper manners than at the toddler stage, so let’s take a look at some of the
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How to Manage Your Child’s Bedtime
As infants grow into toddlers and soon become preschoolers, they quickly grow more independent. Some of their newfound independence is fantastic! It’s heart-warming to see young toddlers make their own decisions, help pack their own backpacks, or even help set the table for dinner. On the other hand, some of their independence can seem overwhelming.
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Helping Children Understand Emotions
When your young child is feeling excited, nervous, happy, or overwhelmed they may not fully understand these emotions. This is because their emotional vocabulary is not yet fully developed. Often, when children do not understand what they are feeling, they can act out with negative behaviour. Talking about emotions can help children understand them. Emotions
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Feeding Your Toddler
When you are feeding your toddler or when they are beginning to learn to feed themselves, you both have different roles. Both of your roles are important in developing healthy habits for your growing children.   Your Role   When you’re feeding your child, it’s important to remember that you are in charge. This means
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