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Halloween Safety Tips For Your Children
As we know it today, the celebration that takes place on October 31st is a fun opportunity to dress up, be festive, and even indulge in some seasonal treats. Parents and children alike get to play their favourite characters for a day, or even try to spook some of their friends and family with costumes,
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Booster Seat: How to Know If Your Child is Ready
Is your child itching to get out of their car seat? We’re sure that as your child grows more independent, they grow more anxious to get out of their car seat, but are they ready? Following the Law The Highway Traffic Act requires you to use a forward-facing car seat until your child weighs at
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Keep Children Safe: The Outdoor Safety Checklist
The irresistible warm weather is here and we can’t wait to get outside! Before we do, lets ensure that you and your children stay safe. Our outdoor safety checklist will make sure you cover all of your bases before heading outside. Adult Supervision Adult supervision is important for young children to ensure their safety. Adult
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Practicing Food Safety with Your Child
Cooking with your children can be fun as well as teach them a great deal about healthy eating. It’s also important to teach them how to practice safe food handling. The Basics Hot temperatures usually kill bacteria, while cold temperatures prevent them from multiplying. This means when food is kept at temperatures between 4 °C
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The Ultimate Guide to Car Seats
Are you unsure of the type of car seat to buy for your child? Do you know how long they have to keep using car seats and at what age it’s safe for a child to stop using one? This guide will tell you everything you need to know about choosing a safe car seat
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Back to School Safety
Back to school is an exciting time for families, schools, and teachers. It’s a time of big changes! Throughout all of these exciting changes it is important to make sure that your child’s safety is not overlooked. Remember to go over safety considerations with your family before the start of the school year! Getting to
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Water Safety
Are you spending time at the beach or by the pool with your children this summer? Swimming is a great skill for children to learn. It’s a great way to stay active in the summer and it’s a lot of fun too! Before you and your children go swimming, you should know how to stay
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