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Is Your Child Ready for Grade 1?
Is my child ready for grade 1? This question often pops in and out of parents minds throughout the first 6 years of their child’s life. There are many factors that go into ensuring grade 1 readiness, both academically and socially.  In general, enrolling your children in junior and senior kindergarten is the simplest way
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Our Favourite Children’s Books for Preschoolers
We are sharing our favourite children’s books as reading to your child is one of the most valuable things you can do, outside of keeping them healthy and safe. Starting from day one when they are newborns and not even able to talk, the benefits are very valuable. Continuing well into their early years and
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8 Books Every Child Should Have on Their Bookshelf
Whether you love to read now, or rarely pick up a book, we can all remember a few books from our childhood that were our absolute favourites; ones that we would beg and plead to have read to us over and over again. Books are a fantastic way for your child to be engaged and
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How to Stimulate Your Child’s Natural Curiosity
Your child is a little explorer, setting on their path to discover everything about their world. It’s fascinating to see their excitement and joy at things at every new sight, sound, or object they just happen to stumble across. How do you nourish this curiosity and keep them asking the important questions – like, “why
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Reading About Food
Books are powerful. They teach us how to think critically and consciously. It’s no surprise that when you are teaching children about healthy eating, books can play just as powerful of a role as setting a positive example for your children. Here are some books that can help your children learn about healthy eating through
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