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A Day In The Life: A Kindergarten’s Day At Childventures
As your child continues to grow and develop, their educational experience continues to be an important influence in their skills and abilities. Once your child reaches the age where they are enrolled in a kindergarten program, it is also important that they are being prepared for a successful transition to grade school. At Childventures, our
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The Rights of the Child: What Are Children’s Rights?
As a parent, we naturally want our children to have the best experiences and advantages available. The things we inherently focus on for our children include: the proper childcare for growth and development, a healthy nutrition program, and a well-balanced approach to cultivating social relationships with each other. While some children have access to every
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Building Essential Skills
Building essential skills is a necessary part of every child’s learning, growth and development. Beyond the practical educational subjects, Math, Music, Geography and Language, it is important for children to begin to create a catalogue of essential skills, which will encourage and eventually allow them to take the lead in their own learning. Built into
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The Leader In Me – Trustworthiness
The Leader in Me – Trustworthiness Trust is an important virtue when it comes to building relationships. Being trustworthy is even more important when you are a leader. When your team can trust you and your actions, they will stand behind you and lead effectively. How Do You Become Trustworthy? Trust is something earned from
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Graduation Day Celebrations
You must be so proud of your children for successfully reaching a great milestone in their lives. Yes, this month, the Childventures SK students are graduating! We are excited to see all the places they will go. Now here are some suggestions for how you and your family could celebrate their special day! The Party
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Leader in Me – Kindness
The quality of kindness is often overlooked as a trait for leadership. Kindness is viewed as a weakness, and more assertive traits are often more valued when it comes to leadership positions. We believe when it comes to true leadership, it’s quite the opposite! A kind leader is able to inspire, to assist, and empathize
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The Leader in Me – Excellence
Excellence means doing your best! When you show the virtue of excellence you do your best and give careful attention to every task and relationship. Leaders exhibit excellence because they seek the best possible way to accomplish their goals. They practice excellence even when they don’t see the results right away, because excellence is a
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Leader in Me – Commitment
Commitment is a virtue that means being dedicated to a cause, event, person, belief, or activity. Leaders are able to inspire commitment from their team, but they are also able to display commitment themselves. This is an important virtue because it means so many things. A leader who is committed to the task at hand
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The Leader in Me: Loyalty
When someone exhibits loyalty, they show devotion to a group, a person, or a cause. Loyalty is a trait that is often expected of those following a leader, but rarely is it attributed to the leader themselves. We believe it is extremely important for leaders to be as loyal as their followers. A loyal leader
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Leader in Me: Generosity
When we think of generosity, it is sometimes easy to think of grand gestures of charity or monetary gifts. While this can be a way to be generous, there are many other ways to exemplify this trait. Giving someone a chance, forgiving mistakes, and giving someone the benefit of the doubt are all examples of
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