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How To Get Children To Love Writing
Children are driven by a natural curiosity to learn, touch, see, and play. With all that energy, it can often be difficult to plan activities to get your child to slow down, and be mindful of the task at hand. Activities including reading, colouring, and writing are great for developing essential skills, and working on
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The Rights of the Child: What Are Children’s Rights?
As a parent, we naturally want our children to have the best experiences and advantages available. The things we inherently focus on for our children include: the proper childcare for growth and development, a healthy nutrition program, and a well-balanced approach to cultivating social relationships with each other. While some children have access to every
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The Leader in Me: Loyalty
When someone exhibits loyalty, they show devotion to a group, a person, or a cause. Loyalty is a trait that is often expected of those following a leader, but rarely is it attributed to the leader themselves. We believe it is extremely important for leaders to be as loyal as their followers. A loyal leader
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Leader in Me: Generosity
When we think of generosity, it is sometimes easy to think of grand gestures of charity or monetary gifts. While this can be a way to be generous, there are many other ways to exemplify this trait. Giving someone a chance, forgiving mistakes, and giving someone the benefit of the doubt are all examples of
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The Leader in Me: Respect
Have you ever met a leader you did not respect? Perhaps you have met a leader who did not respect you? Either scenario is not ideal or conducive to a productive team. A leader who is not respected, will never be able to truly motivate and lead. At the same time, leaders who do not
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The Leader in Me: Courage
It isn’t always easy to be a leader. Leaders need the courage to take charge, to make decisions, and to be role models. They may want to give up or let someone else be in charge. Courage lets children face adversity and persevere, even when they are afraid. Courage not only lets children experience new
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The Leader in Me: Honesty
The Leader in Me: Honesty We believe every child has the qualities of a leader; they just have to be discovered and fostered within each child! This month’s leadership quality we’ve been working on with children is Honesty. It is important for children to learn how to be honest with one another and with themselves.
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