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The Leader in Me! Cooperation
Do you ever feel as though tasks always go much more smoothly when everyone cooperates? Of course you do! We all know that cooperation makes completing a goal easier. A leader is someone who is able to facilitate this cooperation and act cooperative themselves. A leader may do this by inspiring a group to work
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Leader in Me: Integrity
A person with integrity exhibits qualities of honesty and fairness when it comes to their values. They have strong values and are not easily swayed by those around them. A person with integrity is not easily corrupted, manipulated, or controlled. This makes a person with integrity a strong leader. A leader with integrity acts on
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The Leader in Me: Respect
Have you ever met a leader you did not respect? Perhaps you have met a leader who did not respect you? Either scenario is not ideal or conducive to a productive team. A leader who is not respected, will never be able to truly motivate and lead. At the same time, leaders who do not
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