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Healthy Sweets to Make for World Health Day
Sweet treats don’t necessarily need to be laden with sugar. There are so many baking hacks that ensure you’re satisfying your sweet tooth while treating your body well. World Health Day is April 7th and we think that calls for a celebration! Enjoy some of these sweet and healthy recipes. Try one for yourself and
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How Healthy Bodies Promote Healthy Minds
We all know that a nutritious diet and an active lifestyle are incredibly important for child’s physical health, but did you know that your child’s diet and fitness can also have an impact on their mental health? That’s right, eating well and exercising doesn’t just lead to improved physical fitness and health, it also helps
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Protecting Your Family Against Cold Season
Winter has arrived once again, which means cold season has arrived as well. During this time of year, it seems as though we all take turns feeling under the weather, which means the cycle of being sick can get passed around your work, your child’s daycare, and even your family. We all dread being sick.
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Preparing Your Child For The Cold Weather
We can all feel the chill in the air, which means only one thing: winter is coming. As adults we know this means to pull out our heavy knits, hats, and boots to properly welcome in the next season. Our children require the same level of preparation, if not more, to keep them happy and
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Bringing The Outdoors Into Early Childhood Education
During the summer months, we all wish to spend as much time as possible outdoors. In addition to just playing, there are many opportunities for learning and development outdoors! Benefits of the Outdoors While outdoors, children can learn about plants, animals, landscapes, weather and the different seasons. Children have a natural curiosity, which will flourish
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The Best Outdoor Games for Your Child
Summer is in full swing, which means it is finally time to enjoy the outdoors and all it has to offer with your family! Planning outdoor activities to keep your child inspired and learning throughout the summer is a wonderful way to spend time with your children during these warm months. Here are a few
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Healthiest Foods to Barbeque With Your Child
Summer is here and you know what that means – barbeque season! This is a new way to get children to try foods they may have rejected in the past. While a child may have rejected shrimp linguini, barbequed shrimp skewers might provide a new avenue for a child. Whether you and your children are
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Wellness Wednesday! Blueberry Squares Recipe
Try our head chef‘s blueberry squares recipe for dessert tonight! Your children will love this delicious treat! Ingredients (base)                  Ingredients (filling) 1.5 cups flour                    3 cups blueberries 1.5 cups rolled oats                1/2 cup white sugar ¾ cups brown sugar                2
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Wellness Wednesday! Chicken Provencal Recipe
Try our head chef’s nutritious chicken provencal recipe that your children are sure to love! Ingredients 2 lbs boneless skinless chicken breast            1 tbsp olive oil ½ tsp basil                        ½ tsp thyme 1 tsp garlic powder                    ½ tsp oregano ¼ tsp rosemary           
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Wellness Wednesday! 5 Cheese Rice Noodle Pasta with Chick Peas Recipe
Try our head chef’s child-friendly and healthy 5 cheese rice noodle pasta recipe! Ingredients 1 box gluten free penne 1 14 oz can chick peas strained 500 ml 2% milk 250 g cream cheese 500 g shredded cheddar cheese 500 g shredded mozzarella cheese 250 g grated parmesan cheese 250 g shredded Gouda cheese 250
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