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A Day In The Life: A Kindergarten’s Day At Childventures
As your child continues to grow and develop, their educational experience continues to be an important influence in their skills and abilities. Once your child reaches the age where they are enrolled in a kindergarten program, it is also important that they are being prepared for a successful transition to grade school. At Childventures, our
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Childventures’ Before and After School Programs
Simply put, raising a family is hard work. Combining working full time with raising a family can be a tough balance for any parent. Between meetings, play dates, and appointments for you and your children, it can really seem like you don’t have time to even get from one arrangement to the next. Your main
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9 Ways To Promote Baby Development
From birth to 12 months, your child is learning and developing more and more each and every month. This first year of an infant’s life is a wonderful time to set the building blocks to a lifetime of exceptional growth and development. There are ways to be continually involved in your child’s development throughout their
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How the Childventures Facilities Bring You to A Whole New World
Childventures Early Learning Academy was created around the idea that learning is an adventure; one that can be nurtured, and where children can genuinely have fun while learning. The environment, and more specifically the facilities, is designed to encourage the learning and development of your child. Each element of the facility works towards creating an
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A Guide to the Childventures’ Curriculum Model
Unlike other early childcare facilities that follow only one teaching model, Childventures provides a unique learning experience for your child, with an entirely unique curriculum model. Blended from three complementary teaching models, Childventures combines elements from each method of learning to offer the advantage your child deserves. Childventures combines the Montessori, High Scope, and Core
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Bringing The Outdoors Into Early Childhood Education
During the summer months, we all wish to spend as much time as possible outdoors. In addition to just playing, there are many opportunities for learning and development outdoors! Benefits of the Outdoors While outdoors, children can learn about plants, animals, landscapes, weather and the different seasons. Children have a natural curiosity, which will flourish
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The Best Type of Childcare for Your Family
When it comes to your family, you want nothing but the best. Your children are your whole world, and it is up to you to make the right choices to foster their learning and development. Choosing the right childcare option can have many contributing factors including location, program selection, and what best suits your family
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