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Everything You Need To Know About Core Knowledge
Childventures is proud to provide a unique learning experience for your child, including a unique curriculum model. Blended from three complementary teaching models, Childventures combines elements from each method of learning to create a well-balanced educational program that facilitates early learning, and brain development in your child. The blended curriculum is comprised of the Montessori
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A Day In The Life: A Kindergarten’s Day At Childventures
As your child continues to grow and develop, their educational experience continues to be an important influence in their skills and abilities. Once your child reaches the age where they are enrolled in a kindergarten program, it is also important that they are being prepared for a successful transition to grade school. At Childventures, our
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A Day In The Life: A Preschooler’s Day At Childventures
When it comes to your child’s education, you want to be able to give them only the very best experience possible. During their preschool education, you want to make sure they are experiencing both right and left-brain activities, promoting their areas of strength, as well as addressing any learning or development areas that need more
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How the Childventures Facilities Bring You to A Whole New World
Childventures Early Learning Academy was created around the idea that learning is an adventure; one that can be nurtured, and where children can genuinely have fun while learning. The environment, and more specifically the facilities, is designed to encourage the learning and development of your child. Each element of the facility works towards creating an
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