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A Day at Childventures for Toddlers

A Day at Childventures for Toddlers


  • Warm, leisurely greetings from educators help to assure children that they are in the hands of caregivers who respect them.
  • At this time, children are encouraged to make a choice of activities.


  • Seeing parents at departure time provides an opportunity for educators to exchange information about their child’s day.
  • Educators can fill parents in on their child’s actions and communications.


  • As toddlers eat, they usually enjoy interacting with others and being part of the mealtime conversation.
  • They continue to explore, try new foods and gain skill at feeding themselves.
  • Children are exposed to food from a variety of food groups.
  • Toddlers eat with their caregivers in small groups at low tables.

Sleep Time

  • A calm environment gives children the opportunity to listen to quiet music and have their backs rubbed.
  • Naps provide the sleep and rest that are necessary for children’s growth and development.
  • The “early risers” have opportunities to look at books or busy themselves quietly with some chosen play activities.

Outdoor Play

  • Toddlers find the environment rich in sensory-motor experiences for constructing new knowledge.
  • Outdoors, toddlers have the chance to explore and play on their own or with others at their own pace and level of development.
  • They use the outdoor play area for walking, carrying, pushing, climbing, throwing and exploring.

Toileting Routine

  • Children are introduced to the use of the toilet and self-help skills in this area are elevated.
  • An individualized approach to this routine will be part of a child’s experience within the toddler program.

Choice Time

  • The classroom environment offers the children discovery of self-development in a tender atmosphere of special understanding, respect and support.
  • We provide a structure which fulfils the social, physical, emotional and psychological needs of every child.
  • They are given opportunities to work in the development of language skill, art, music sensorial and practical life.
  • Children acquire knowledge by actively experiencing the world around them- choosing, exploring, manipulating, practicing, transforming and experimenting.

Small Group

  • Educators choose the focus and materials while children choose how they will use the materials; resulting in a completely process oriented experience which the educator facilitates.
  • A variety of art mediums are introduced to the children. Art materials are explored to encourage the children’s development of their five senses.
  • The educators create experiences that are specific to language and literacy. A variety of props are utilized to create interest and participation (books, puppets, flannel stories).

Large Group

  • Singing and movement provide opportunities for toddlers to select and play rhythm instruments to fast and slow recorded music.
  • Activities planned around children’s songs and nursery rhymes
  • Each child becomes grounded in reality, building the child’s self-esteem is our ultimate goal and is accomplished through repeated successes with a variety of activities.

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