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How To Prepare Your Children For Summer Camp

summer camp

If it’s your child’s first time heading off to camp, the adjustment can be a stressful one. Your child might meet new children, experience new things, and adjust to a new schedule. These kinds of adjustments can cause your child stress if you don’t help their transition. Here are some ways you can make your child’s adjustment to camp easier.


Talk To Your Child About Camp

The best way to start making the transition easier on your child is to talk about camp with them. Let them know what to expect day-to-day. Ask them if they are excited to start camp or if they are nervous. Helping to answer any questions they might have could prepare them for camp.


Getting Ready For Their First Day

The first day of camp for a child is often the most stressful day. To help get your child accustomed to camp, make their first day as easy on them as possible. Start getting ready the night before so that the morning is not rushed. Help your child pack anything they might need or get their outfit ready for the next day. If possible, drive the route to camp in advance so your child knows where they’re going.


Arriving At Camp

Don’t worry about leaving your child, even if they’re a little nervous. At Childventures, our fully qualified R.E.C.E. teachers can help your child make the adjustment to camp. After some icebreaker games and a day filled with fun, your child will grow to love camp. They might even be hesitant to leave at the end of the day!

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