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Montessori Daycare

Montessori curriculum

Independent, child-led learning for all age groups

The Montessori curriculum is an extremely well respected and trusted methodology that has been supporting children’s academic development for over 100 years. It is founded on two main principles: a child’s natural curiosity to learn and their love of gaining new knowledge and skills. A Montessori daycare classroom is a carefully prepared environment that offers exposure to a variety of materials and experiences. This hands-on approach allows the children to see, listen, and feel concepts that they are learning. You’ll often notice a quiet hum in a Montessori classroom as children work independently or in small groups. Through engagement in age- appropriate activities, CV children of all ages develop concentration, persistence and discipline.

Freedom within limits embraces the notion of providing children options within a carefully structured environment to empower decision making.
Freedom within limits
Children are encouraged to engage in self-directed activities while educators adjust activities to meet each child's individual developmental journey.
Child-led learning
This provides opportunities for children to work independently, which builds confidence, focus and helps improve their sense of self.
Individual learning​

Key Elements of Montessori Learning

Key Elements of Montessori Learning

“Children are empowered to learn at their own pace, with activities that stimulate their unique academic journey. Educators will monitor  children as they work independently and supply additional elements or new activities when they see a child is ready.”

– Fatima Tavares, Director of Quality

Core Knowledge

Core Knowledge is a sequential learning model that strengthens children natural creativity, delivers opportunities for  socialization and fosters emotional intelligence in addition to academic.


HighScope is a collaborative, creative and hands-on approach to learning, that employs small group learning to foster engagement and early socialization in the infant and toddler programs.


The CV food program is founded on the philosophy that good nutrition is the fuel that powers active minds. Each of our academies include a professional chef who freshly prepares all meals on-site.