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HighScope curriculum

HighScope curriculum

Achieving results through active learning

Used with children in the Infant and Toddler programs, the HighScope curriculum features active learning through purposeful play. Children are guided to explore, interact and exercise their creative imaginations. This hands-on method encourages children to be active participants in their learning. Every day moments become teaching moments like counting fingers and toes during a diaper change. Long term success is a key component of our ethos and we strongly believe that children should enjoy the process in order to effectively instill a love of learning.

Children work together in small groups towards a common activity goal. These experiences cultivate cooperation.
We empower children to let their imagination take the lead during activities that support creative expression.
Creative Expression
Activities are set up in a way that continuously build on previous learning, in an effective and proven sequence.
Sequential Learning

Key Elements of HighScope

Key Elements of HighScope

“I often say my favorite part of Toddlers is the “magic” they bring to the classroom every day. They are amazed by the simplest thing and want to know everything about the world around them. They see the best in you even on your worst day and offer an irreplaceable, unconditional love. I find myself humbled and honored to be able to be part of their learning and growth every day.”

– Madelyn Parent, Toddler Team Mentor

Baby Signs

The Baby Signs curriculum in our infant program sets the foundation forcommunication skills. It’s founded in scientific research and elevated by theCV team to lay the foundation for early communication.

Dynamic facilities

The CV academy will play an important role throughout your child’s educational journey. Each academy is vibrant, thoughtfully designed with young learners in mind and curated to stimulate creative thinking.


The CV food program is founded on the philosophy that good nutrition is the fuel that powers active minds. Each of our academies include a professional chef who freshly prepares all meals on-site.