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Founder’s story

Founder’s story

Setting the vision for CV

In 1999, Dr. Heidary and his wife Jeannine were expecting their first child. Like many new parents, they were excited and wanted to educate themselves on all things, baby.

Given Dr. Heidary’s medical background, he dedicated time to thoroughly researching infant biological and cognitive development. What he learned was that neuroscience had proven during the first few years of life, the human brain experiences significant developments.

By the age of 2, a child’s brain contains twice as many synapses and consumes twice as much energy as an adult brain. This prolific number of connections results in exceptional cognitive development during the critical phase of 0-5 years. Young children are actually more capable of learning a new language than an adult! Neuroscientists also proved that what wires a child’s brain during this time frame is repeated experiences and “rich” experiences produces “rich” brains.

Armed with this knowledge and wanting to set his children up for long term educational success, Dr. Heidary started to look for childcare that could provide “rich” well-rounded experiences geared to academic and social development. His entrepreneurial spirit eventually led to the vision of building something to not only benefit his children, but others in the community.


“After more than 20 years of operations, I am proud that CV continues to deliver a strong academic foundation for our children while ensuring they are nurtured and loved. Developing the whole child is so important to me as these children are our future.”

– Dr. Heidary

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Shaping future leaders

One of the very first students at CV was Walter’s very own daughter, Courtney Heidary. Starting at our Ancaster campus at the age of 3, Courtney graduated the SK program in 2006 with a mix of nerves and excitement. While it was intimidating to leave the environment that had become like a second home, she was able to adjust seamlessly and quickly made new friends and adapted to grade 1. Upon reflection, Courtney is confident that “CV provided the foundation for safety, belonging, structure and freedom that allowed the smooth transition to grade school.”

With that foundation in place, Courtney has excelled both academically and socially. She recently graduated from Western University with a double-major in Sociology and Criminology and has now started law school at Bond University in Australia. More than any conscious academic experiences, Courtney sites the virtues program as a key learning she has carried with her since she left CV. The educators would make a point to instill gratitude into the classroom and took the children by the kitchen to thank the chef each afternoon. This simple lesson has stuck with Courtney for years, and she is always conscious to show gratitude to those around her.

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