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March is Nutrition Month!
This March, the Dietitians of Canada are promoting Nutrition Month with the theme of Eating 9 to 5, which means eating healthy at work! For us at Childventures, this means eating healthy at school too! The nutrition program at Childventures is structured to both provide our students with the healthiest options as well as teaching
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Staying Hydrated
No healthy diet is complete without staying properly hydrated throughout the day. It is important for children to get in the habit of keeping themselves hydrated. Sometimes in the winter, when we are not outside in the sun all day, it’s easier to forget to drink enough water. Drinking water is important regardless of the
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Reading About Food
Books are powerful. They teach us how to think critically and consciously. It’s no surprise that when you are teaching children about healthy eating, books can play just as powerful of a role as setting a positive example for your children. Here are some books that can help your children learn about healthy eating through
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Creating a Healthy Food Culture
Food. It is an influential part of our lives, and our children’s lives. The way we consume it, the way we cook it, or react to it, or use it in conjunction with a particular emotion – it is all a part of our food culture. Every family has a unique lifestyle, upbringing, and heritage
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Why You Should Cook With Your Child
Children are curious and love to imitate adults. One way to let them explore this curiosity is by letting them cook with you. Cooking with your child is a positive way to involve them in their own nutritional development.   Understand Food When your child sees the cooking process first-hand, they are beginning to understand
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Healthy Habits Include Fitness
So your child is eating well and getting their nutrients? Great! What’s next for building a healthy lifestyle for them? Fitness! Healthy living is also active living. Encourage your child to play and master physical development. How do you do this? At Home Start by getting them comfortable for physical activity. Dress them in loose-fitting
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Feeding Your Toddler
When you are feeding your toddler or when they are beginning to learn to feed themselves, you both have different roles. Both of your roles are important in developing healthy habits for your growing children.   Your Role   When you’re feeding your child, it’s important to remember that you are in charge. This means
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Is Snacking Healthy For My Child’s Teeth?
The answer is yes! As long as your child’s snacking habits are healthy, their teeth will be healthy too. At Childventures, we have fresh fruit available all day for children to snack on. Foods that are high in sugar can cause more cavities. This is because sugar reacts with plaque – a bacteria that covers
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Building Healthy Habits
In order to build healthy habits, young children should be given the opportunity to try plenty of nutritious food options. This means trying a variety of new foods, returning to foods young children have previously rejected, and also limiting unhealthy options.   A new study shows that children with healthier diets growing up are those
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Healthy Eating Tips
While your child may have a sweet tooth or be drawn to foods that lack nutrition in the grocery store, their eating habits do not have to be unhealthy. Ultimately, you are the person who is in control of your child’s eating choices.   You control what you buy.   Your kitchen should be stocked
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