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Category: Teaching Children
The Best Educational Apps for Kids
The increasing reliance on technology in many aspects of life has and will continue to impact children from a very young age. This generation considers technology a regular part of their toy box and educational resources. Kid-friendly apps can give children a variety of learning opportunities that keep them engaged and motivated. Here are some
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How To Teach Your Child About Self Control
Self control is one of the most important character traits a parent can teach a child. We’ve all seen those children who seem to be completely out of control. Parents seem oblivious, but others are affected. Both, self control and self discipline are lifelong challenges that are important for success in later life, so it’s
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5 Ways To Get Your Child Excited About Math
Both boys and girls can get excited about math if given the appropriate stimulus and encouragement. Yes, it is really possible! Math is part of everyone’s life, young and old. Money, measurement and time are just a few examples of the applications of math. Although computers and calculators make computation easier these days, the analytical
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Importance Of Teaching Children Geography
Fundamentally, just as it is necessary to know the alphabet for reading, or multiplication tables for arithmetic, it is also necessary to learn geography to know where places are, and also some facts about those places so you can tell why they are different. Geography, History, and Civics are seldom taught in classrooms today, which
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