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Category: Infant
How to Help Your Child Get a Good Night’s Sleep
It may be no surprise to you that sleep is as important as nutrition and exercise. Sleep experts have recently been able to show that sleep allows brain cells to clean up each night, getting rid of disease-causing toxins. In addition, ensuring your child has enough sleep may help children fight obesity, avoid colds, and
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Four Spring Activities For Your Infant
The weather is warming, bringing with it lots of opportunities for your infant to explore and learn. Spring activities for your infant are all around if you just slow down and take a look at nature. Make time to enjoy everything Spring has to offer. An Afternoon At The Beach Taking your infant to the
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How Infant Children Respond To Music
It is well known that music can soothe both humans and animals, from a frantic baby to a savage beast. Science corroborates this fact, with research indicating that music reaches something deep inside the mind of small children, even before they can talk. In reference to a YouTube video showing an infant smiling tearfully as
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