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Category: Early Childhood Education
Childventures Centre Enhancements
COVID-19 has brought significant changes to the forefront of our everyday lives. As we look to the future, we will all have a role to play in continuing to adjust to this new normal.   At CV, we recognize that as a childcare provider, we are entrusted with delivering a stimulating learning experience while maintaining the
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7 Tips When English is your Child’s Second Language
With so many families speaking multiple languages at home, parents are often concerned about their children having more difficulty learning English. There are a number of ways to incorporate English at home when it isn’t your first language. In this blog, we will discuss simple tips and tricks for how you can ensure your child
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Montessori in the Toddler Classroom
Montessori has been a popular philosophy within the education field for decades. Developed by Maria Montessori, this methodology centres around individual learning and the idea of helping children to help themselves. In general, people know the foundations of the elementary school implementation, but few know about its impact for toddlers.  Although it may look a
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Is Your Child Ready for Grade 1?
Is my child ready for grade 1? This question often pops in and out of parents minds throughout the first 6 years of their child’s life. There are many factors that go into ensuring grade 1 readiness, both academically and socially.  In general, enrolling your children in junior and senior kindergarten is the simplest way
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7 Amazing Reasons to Introduce Music in Early Childhood Education
There are incredible benefits to introducing music in early childhood education programs. Firstly, it develops an early appreciation of music but it also has amazing cognitive, developmental and emotional benefits too. Based on a McMaster University study in 2012, they discovered that babies who partook in music classes with their parents in their first year
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How to Inspire Creative Problem-Solving in Children
An active imagination is one of the most valuable ways to cultivate creative problem-solving in children. If we look to the future, it is likely that our homes, cities and vehicles that we know today will look very different. Our children spend much of their childhood in the classroom and when properly run, it can
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The Best Educational Apps for Kids
The increasing reliance on technology in many aspects of life has and will continue to impact children from a very young age. This generation considers technology a regular part of their toy box and educational resources. Kid-friendly apps can give children a variety of learning opportunities that keep them engaged and motivated. Here are some
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Five Conflict Resolution Tips To Teach Your Child
Children get into squabbles at home and at school. It’s in their nature. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t show them how to resolve conflicts before they escalate. Conflict resolution is an important skill for any child to have whether they use it to solve playground mishaps or arguments between siblings. To guide your children
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How To Teach Your Child Kindness
Kindness starts at home. Teaching your children how to be kind to others is something you can incorporate into their everyday lives. If you’re not sure how to show your children how to treat others with respect and politeness, the following examples will help: Please and thank you you go a long way From an
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What Are The Benefits Of Early Childhood Education?
For young children, every experience or encounter presents a learning opportunity. They learn from everything they see, do, hear, feel, smell, and taste; everyone they interact (talk, play, laugh) with; and everywhere they go. Studies suggest that quality early childhood education preschool offers a range of benefits to children, as well as to their families
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