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Socialization During COVID-19
The events of 2020 have truly changed how we live, work and interact. The pandemic brought physical socialization to a rapid stop, leaving many parents without answers and left to wonder if their child would be deprived of an important developmental step. Peer-to-peer interaction is a vital part of growing up, but the pandemic has
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Childventures Centre Enhancements
COVID-19 has brought significant changes to the forefront of our everyday lives. As we look to the future, we will all have a role to play in continuing to adjust to this new normal.   At CV, we recognize that as a childcare provider, we are entrusted with delivering a stimulating learning experience while maintaining the
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Our Aurora Childcare Centre Opening Soon
Childventures is proud to announce our new location opening in Aurora, Ontario this Spring! We are excited to bring our services to the growing community, helping to shape the minds of tomorrow. Let us tell you a little bit about what you can expect from our Aurora childcare location.   Over time, Childventures Early Learning Academy
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8 Self Care Tips for Busy Parents
Busy parents tend to put themselves last on their daily to-do list. Between running around to work and school and soccer games and dance recitals, it seems impossible to have time for yourself. Well this year, we’re challenging all the stressed and overworked parents out there to put themselves first and focus on these 8
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Things to do in Milton with Children
Milton is one of Ontario’s fastest growing communities with many new families choosing to set their roots in the area. If your family is new to Milton or even if you have lived in Milton and just want to discover things to do in Milton with children, take a read of this post. We have
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8 Fun Children’s Halloween Costumes For 2016
Halloween is one of those times when you can create great memories for your children by allowing them to dress up whatever way they want, rather than simply modifying an old sheet for the classic ghost image. There are many different characters to choose from depending on the likes and interests of your child, from
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Healthy Food, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: CV Nutrition Program
Food is an influential part of our lives and our children’s lives! The way we prepare food, celebrate with it and why we crave certain things is a part of our food culture. Every family has a unique lifestyle, upbringing, and heritage that influences the way they celebrate and experience life. One huge aspect of
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Calm, Cool And Collected: Dealing With Your Child’s Anxiety
Anxiety is an affliction we often associate with adults. To many adults, stress comes from work, relationships, and money – things children don’t have to worry about. How many times have you heard an adult exclaim, “I wish I could just be a kid again” as though youth is the cure for all things stressful.
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Make A Splash! 5 Essential Water Safety Tips
On a hot day there is nothing better than jumping into a cold pool or running through a sprinkler. It’s the best way to cool down (other than a popsicle, maybe)! However, pools, beaches and lakes all pose a safety issue. It’s important that you follow some key safety precautions to ensure that everyone is
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Boredom Busters: 7 Sure-Fire Summer Fun Activities
Summer seems like a time or endless activities. Backyard play, beach time, picnics in the park and more! However, as the summer drags on it is possible to grow tired of these options. As we all know, children have a way of getting bored easily. Never fear, here are 7 sure-fire ways to ensure a
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