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Our Aurora Childcare Centre Opening Soon
Childventures is proud to announce our new location opening in Aurora, Ontario this Spring! We are excited to bring our services to the growing community, helping to shape the minds of tomorrow. Let us tell you a little bit about what you can expect from our Aurora childcare location.   Over time, Childventures Early Learning Academy
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Tips For Getting Your Child Ready For Childcare
If you are having mixed feelings about sending your child off to childcare, you are not alone. Many parents feel sad that their child is growing up so fast and perhaps a bit anxious that they will not be able to easily adjust. It is a big transition for both you and your child. Not
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7 Snack Ideas For Your Young Child
With your children joining or going back to toddler preschool, it is a good idea to start preparing for the things they’ll need, including some stationary, shoes, clothes, and snacks. Some toddler preschools have a recommended snack, but this should not be an excuse to skip on snacks and meal/lunch planning. Rather than giving you
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Tips To Encourage Timid Children To Be More Social
Children have very distinct personalities. While some seem to be socially adept from birth, making many friends easily, others are more reserved and struggle with various challenges of social acceptance. Psychologists argue that many elements of social development are an innate part of the child’s temperament, but the environment can also influence a child’s social
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5 Holiday Destinations That Are Great For Toddlers
Looking for fun and safe places to visit with your little one? There are many entertaining places for families with children under the age of five to relax and create wonderful memories. Here are some great holiday destinations for young families: Rome The people of Rome love babies, but children of all ages, including teens
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Should I Be Encouraging My Child’s Imaginary Friendships?
Most children aged between three and eight years play pretend games and give human personalities to their dolls, stuffed animals, or other toys, engaging with them as though they were alive. Studies suggest that about 40 per cent of children take this pretend play a notch higher to create an invisible companion. These invisible friends
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What’s The Best Age To Teach Your Child To Swim?
There has been a widespread adoption of strategies to help children learn the essentials of swimming in pools and the ocean. Many programs offer swimming lessons as a way to assist young children. Some programs focus on teaching children how to swim at a very early age so that they can develop swimming skills that
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How To Encourage Well Mannered Behaviour For Your Child While At School
While children are born with some innate abilities, being friendly, polite, and courteous are often taught behaviours. Children achieve these positive behaviours if they are aware of their actions and how they affect other people. While it seems like an impossible or difficult task to teach children how their behaviour can affect others, experts argue
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Tips To Prevent The Seasonal Cold For Children
While viral infections are active year-round, the drop in temperatures during fall and winter makes children more susceptible, partly because their immune system is still developing, and also because they spend more time indoors with other people who may be infected. Most of these infections last for just a few days and then disappear without
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Winter Safety Tips To Keep Your Children Safe
While many adults dread the inconveniences of winter, the season can’t seem to get here sooner for children who want to build a snowman or ride on a toboggan. Since children are less able to comprehend when they begin to feel cold, you must help them stay warm and safe when indoors, outdoors, or travelling.
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