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Sonia P

I have to echo a lot of what has been shared and celebrated by Danielle B below. We also had a rough start with our first daycare; I was prepared to quit my job after the resulting loss of trust and confidence. I was almost mean when I was asking difficult questions about how things are run at this center before enrolling. Matthew and Kathryn were super professional and tackled all those questions super well while never losing sight of the fact that our child was at the heart of it all. That was what convinced me and now all I had to do was convince Daddy; one quick meeting and tour with Matthew had him convinced as well and we were quickly enrolled.

Your center renewed our faith and trust in child care and I thank you very much for that. Scott was allowed to follow his own sleep schedule which I honestly think is so important for the infant age group. He wasn’t forced into a one nap schedule; he was in charge of himself and it formed such a healthy relationship with his naps and sleep. I often affectionately referred to Tanya as the nap whisperer which chatting with friends and family. I would check in on the web camera and see him skip along into the crib room while holding her hand – absolutely the best thing to see as a parent. That said, he happily jumped into any of the ECE’s arms but he seems to have a special connection with Tanya and Sadaf.

We recommend your care to anyone that is looking for quality care. Keep up the great work. I’m certain that your excellent care extended our parenting style perfectly and have been the building blocks to the brilliant little guy we have today.


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