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Julie Rowe

Child Ventures Milton has exceeded all of our expectations. Being a teacher, I did my research in own before choosing this location. After stepping in CV it was hard to digest any other child care locations in Milton (this includes home day cares). Leaving my baby in someone else’s care, after being home with her for 14 months was not easy, but the whole team at CV made it a seamless process, and we are not excited to drop Nora off in the morning. To preface, we started our 14 month at Child Ventures in September of 2020. On day 1, I checked in constantly on Nora (the the live cameras, this makes it so easy to pop in and see what she is doing – whether it be a planned activity (which we get a picture of each day), general play (with all of the Montessori toys) or just watching the bubbies eating their food. I also love checking in on the HayMama app very frequently, as it details food (portions), diaper changes (whether cream was applied) and nap times (so I can determine bedtime for that night). Regarding food, there is an in house chef who prepares healthy selections on demand for the children daily, my husband and I salivate daily over Nora’s meals. The above is just the black and white of Child Ventures. It is truly the educators in the Toddler 1 room that make Nora’s day a pleasure; Crystal, Mayssae, Katie and the other girls we have met are incredible with the children. I see them truly working with love and affection In Loco Parentis. When Nora has been teething, I see her getting the back rubs she needs and when she asks to sit on an educators lap, they are always willing to give her a little cuddle if need be. Second to my husband and Nora’s grandparents, I trust CV educators next to care for Nora like blood would. Covid procedures have been seamless as there is an app to check in, and strict rules to keep the children safe. I have never felt unsafe bringing Nora to CV during these times. My husband and I can’t say enough good about this place, and we can’t wait to see what next few years at CV bring. Thanks to Trace and her whole team at Child Ventures, thank you for making this such an easy transition for us you have truly exceeded all of our expectations in the quality of your educators, your provided curriculum your amazing facilities and nutrition program and the general love we feel from you to our sweet little Nora as she is so happy to be dropped off. We look forward to continuing the journey with you!!


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