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Heidi Reynders

Even though our journey with Childventures has just started, I wanted to share how positive our experience has been thus far. The staff and management have been incredibly warm, welcoming and supportive to both my son and I. We have access to cameras to check in visually, an app that sends updates in real time and sends a report at the end of each day, including photos. From the moment the centre opened, we have used an app to pre-screen before entering, staff are always using PPE and follow very thorough policies and procedures. Recently, there was a Covid ‘outbreak’ and I cannot stress enough how well it was all handled- not once did I question if my son would return. The diligence of staff and swift response to this situation meant that the ‘outbreak’ was contained at 1 case and has now been considered resolved. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much easier this transition has been and I’m certain it’s because we chose Childventures Aurora.


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